Partner Summit 2024: Observability for digital transformation success

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The 4th Industrial Revolution is not slowing down. In fact, it’s only getting faster and more complicated. Digital transformation – which is necessary for organizations to stay competitive – and the adoption of machine learning, artificial intelligence, IoT, and cloud is completely changing the way organizations work.

However, with digital transformation comes new challenges for teams – especially CIOs – at an unprecedented pace. Because of this, it is more critical than ever for organizations to leverage a modern observability strategy.

Together with our partners, we can help organizations keep pace with the dynamic nature of these changes and enable customers to get what they expect out of observability.

During the Dynatrace annual user conference, Perform, the Partner Summit session returned, welcoming Global System Integrators (GSIs), Hyperscalers, and Cloud Solutions Partners to participate. The event focused on empowering and informing our valued partner ecosystems by providing updates on strategy, market opportunities, cloud modernization, and a wealth of crucial insights.

Partnering to empower successful digital transformation

Jay Snyder, SVP of global partner and alliances, Dynatrace, kicked off the event by focusing on our mutual journey towards unprecedented growth – all built on strategic partnerships.

Over the last year, the dedication and efforts of Dynatrace partners have laid the foundation for the significant strides we are poised to make together. With the proliferation of cloud technologies, our partnerships remain the key to solving the challenges faced by organizations digitally transforming across the globe. At this year’s Partner Summit, sessions focused on three key elements for shared partner success: commitment, alignment, and requirement.

Commitment. The transformation of Dynatrace into a partner-first mentality is a shift that has gained momentum in the last few years. This commitment translates to higher levels of focus and expectations for our partners.

Alignment. Snyder drove home that ensuring a high “say-do” ratio is crucial for success in the partner business. Dynatrace is reevaluating and enhancing its Partner Program, and the goal is clear: to act as one cohesive unit and deliver more value to customers.

Requirement. Observability is no longer an option, but a necessity for organizations today. Partners play a crucial role in driving cloud migrations and digital transformation for customers, ensuring return on their investments are realized.

Empowering partners for success

During this year’s Partner Summit, Dynatrace hosted several key sessions for partners, including:

  • Dynatrace on Dynatrace. This presentation showcased the Dynatrace Platform capabilities, leveraging contextual analytics and AI to automate problem solving across observability, security, and business functions. Examples include streamlined release validation, predictive operations, and significant reductions in security false positives.
  • Partner program update. With a focus on enablement, Dynatrace highlighted the importance of technical proficiency, supported by over 1,600 new partner certifications. Partners are encouraged to focus on project-based value realization, particularly in observability and related offerings, with specialized skills endorsed through the Partner Services Endorsement Program.
  • Spotlight on platform capabilities. During this session, Dynatrace walked partners through platform innovations and hosted a panel of Dynatrace experts to share insights covering security, application and infrastructure modernization, Logs, DevSecOps, and automation.
  • Building apps and innovations. Throughout this presentation, Dynatrace explored the synergy between partner expertise and the Dynatrace platform, focusing on delivering insights and automation.

Recognizing partners

During the Partner Summit, Dynatrace took a moment to celebrate partner achievements for tier promotions and service endorsements. The Dynatrace Partner Services Endorsement Program enhances partners’ skills in platform architecture, implementation, and management – validating expertise through specialized training and certification.

Partner tier promotions

Services endorsement achievement

Driving digital transformation success through modern observability and strategic partnerships

The 2024 Partner Summit has set the stage for the growth opportunity ahead. Today, observability is not an option, but unequivocally required, and our strategic partnerships are critical to delivering the best possible outcomes to customers throughout their digital transformation journeys and beyond.

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