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Organizations are awash in uncontrolled and unmanaged data. There is data being collected from every device and applications are generating data. There are data feeds from partners and external sources as well as the data that is being provided by customers. The sheer number of data breaches highlight the risks to the organization of not knowing what data they have, where the data lives, and who has access to that data. launched from stealth with a platform providing a data security risk and compliance posture management framework to help organizations manage data on-premises and in the cloud. The platform provides a detailed understanding of data sprawl without the processing overhead, the company said. Chorology claims to cover all data types and all data compliance mandates, making it easier for organizations to keep up with data governance.

Chorology touted AI features in the platform to handle data discovery, data classification, and data mapping. "The platform protects and future-proofs sensitive data from rising internal and external threats and expanding regulatory compliance mandates while dramatically lowering the TCO of managing enterprise data," the company said.

The founding team has years of industry experience, with experience working in Symantec, McAfee, TrendMicro, Cisco, and Array Networks, to name a few. Tarique Mustafa, founder and CEO/CTO, was previously the founder of GhangorCloud, a fourth-generation data leak protection platform provider. Mustafa holds multiple "blocking" patents in deep AI, according to the company release.

Chorology previously raised $9 million in a series A investment round.

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