Accelerating cloud transformation with Google Cloud and Oracle

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Google Cloud and Oracle announced an exciting new strategic cloud partnership today that enables customers to migrate and run mission-critical enterprise workloads seamlessly across Google Cloud and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI).

It provides a rich set of interoperable solutions that make it easy for our joint customers to migrate, modernize, and manage their Oracle-based applications in the cloud. With unified engineering, product, and commercial model, these integrated solutions deliver choice and flexibility backed by the end-to-end enterprise-class collaborative support model that our joint customers have relied on over the years. At the core of this partnership is the Oracle Database@Google Cloud. Oracle will directly host, operate and manage Oracle database services natively within and from the Google Cloud data centers, beginning with regional footprints in North America and Europe, and plans to rapidly expand globally.

Over the years, joint enterprise customers expressed interest in a unified framework that allows them to continue to benefit from Oracle’s database and enterprise application offerings while seamlessly complemented with Google Cloud offerings and AI solutions such as Gemini and Vertex AI to modernize and accelerate cloud migrations. However, as customers explored the existing multi-vendor, multi-cloud options, these solutions lacked sufficient choice and the native integration options to meet customers' technical and commercial requirements. Customers had to further deal with additional costs such as cross-cloud data transfer charges, or the lack of end-to-end enterprise-grade support for these architectures.

This partnership is an investment and innovation on behalf of our joint customers to address these challenges, while allowing them to seamlessly host Oracle database services including Exadata Cloud Service and Oracle Autonomous Database directly in Google’s data centers. In addition, customers are able to interconnect Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) and Google Cloud without any cross-cloud data transfer charges, and we’ll offer support for running Oracle Applications on Google Cloud such as Oracle E-Business Suite, and much more.

Oracle Database@Google Cloud consists of deploying the latest database services in a Google Cloud datacenter running on OCI hardware. Customers can now benefit from the most advanced managed service for Oracle Database, Oracle Autonomous Database. Customers can further migrate their mission critical database workloads to the most advanced platform for Oracle Database, and Oracle Exadata Database Cloud Service. Customers can also run their Oracle databases on Google Compute Engine.

Customers will be able to procure available services directly from Google Marketplace and manage them directly from their Google Cloud console. This demo offers a sneak peek on how this unified solution comes together.

We are tremendously excited about the opportunities this partnership unlocks for our customers. We are committed to continue innovating around these unified solutions on our customers’ behalf with a focus on delivering cost-effective choices that can meet the performance, availability and security requirements of their most demanding applications and database workloads.

For more information, check out Oracle on Google Cloud here. To learn more about how to get started, complete this form or email [email protected].

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